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Union des peuples polynésiens du grand Pacifique : un grand moment d'émotion à la Présidence

jeudi 14 novembre 2019
Professors and musicians from the Te Fare Upa Rau Conservatory - Myrna Tuporo-mama Ioba, Mike Ariipeu Teiho Teissier, Steve Rangivaikura Angia, Hans Faatauira and Moana Urima - opened with a 'Ute Fa'ari'ira'a, Wednesday at the end morning in the Honorary Salon of the Presidency, a very special ceremony: the signing of a declaration of unity between the Government of French Polynesia, represented by its President Edouard Fritch and all his ministers and the group 'AHA MOANANUIAKEA PACIFIC, bringing together major cultural entities from the Hawaiian archipelago, from the famous Kamehameha School to the University through the famous Polynesian Voyaging Society, represented by its leader NainoaThompson.
Unity of heart, destiny and history, of course, for a united Polynesian people whose genealogy - in Hawaiian, 'Olelo - was traced by Randie Fong. And an obvious hyphen: the tribute paid to four great master navigators - Pinky Thompson, Mau Piailug, Hector Busby and Alban Ellacott - whom the Hawaiian delegation presented as the men of the revival of the link between the Polynesian peoples of Moananui .
Many emotions, therefore, and a particular moment, consecrating the signature of this declaration of unity: the Kahu 'Awa - the master of Kava - shared his drink with the authorities. When everything was done and the gifts exchanged,
a last song of thanks from the Fenua, once again performed by Mama Iopa and Mike Teissier with the presence in the choir of the singers - presence noticed - of the Minister of Culture, Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu, proving that he had ... a good beautiful voice. What no one could have no doubt.

La passion d'enseigner et d'apprendre.

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